3 Epoxy Flooring Design Ideas

Posted on October 6, 2021 by Brent Phillips


Are you thinking about updating the look and feel of your home but need some inspiration to get started? Well, we might be able to help with that. If you’re considering doing any floor remodeling, you may want to consider epoxy flooring. In this blog, we’ll cover four epoxy flooring design ideas. 

1. Immitation Marble Epoxy Flooring

One of the fantastic effects you can produce with epoxy resin is a pattern that looks like marble. With the large variety of colors, pigments, and textures that can be added to epoxy flooring, epoxy offers more color options than mere black or white marble and at a lower cost. Often false marble epoxy flooring is used in bathrooms or kitchens. Marble epoxy countertops are also worth considering.

2. Metallic Epoxy Flooring

At Cunningham Coating, we can also add a metallic pigment to the epoxy resin flooring mix. This type of flooring produces brilliant sheens that you will not find in other types of flooring. It is quite unique to epoxy flooring. You may want to consider placing it in rooms with natural light, such as sunrooms, for a beautiful reflective effect.

3. Solid Color Epoxy Flooring

Sometimes simple is the perfect option. Choosing a solid color epoxy floor can add contrast to the rest of your home decor and change the mood of a room. In a more practical manner, the color of the floor may help improve the lighting of a room. 

How does epoxy flooring work?

At this point, you may be curious how epoxy resin flooring works. Epoxy resin is a chemical compound made from two parts. A polyepoxide and a curative are mixed together before placing on the surface to be floored. When the chemicals react to each other they bond together and to the surface they are applied to. The epoxy material they create is stronger than the individual parts were apart.

Usually, the subflooring used underneath epoxy resin flooring is concrete. However, any material, including wood, prepared properly can be covered with epoxy. Preparation is key for the application of epoxy flooring. Any subflooring must be smoothed and cleaned thoroughly. This process is involved and requires special chemicals and equipment to do it correctly. There can be no debris on the subfloor when the epoxy compound is added, or the epoxy will not bond effectively.

Applying epoxy is a process requiring a skilled hand. It is not an everyday DIY (do it yourself) project. Generally, in order to see the strong beautiful results you want, it will require a crew specifically trained in epoxy application to pull it off. This will result in an extremely strong, spill-proof, and non-chipping floor.  

Epoxy Flooring Installation From Cunningham Coating Solutions

If you’re interested in having an epoxy floor installed in your home, garage, or workspace, Cunningham Coating Solutions can make it happen for you. Our team is well trained in the intricacies of epoxy installation and highly experienced. We specialize in crafting high-quality epoxy resin floors which please our clients every time.

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