Bar Top Epoxy – Maintenance Tips for Your Food Safe Epoxy Surface

Posted on February 17, 2022 by Brent Phillips

Bar top epoxy in new kitchen

From kitchen countertops and dining room tables to bar tops and coffee tables, if you are looking for a material to last a lifetime while looking beautiful then an epoxy coating is what you need. Epoxy is extremely durable and non-toxic as it is non-porous, which means it will not absorb any liquids. In addition, it is quite easy to keep pristine and polished for years to come, even in homes with pets and children. If you are considering epoxy for your current countertops that need to be repaired or replaced, consult with a professional to discuss your options. There are several types of materials that can be covered with epoxy to help preserve or cover up your existing counter and bar tops such as

  • Laminate
  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Ceramic

Non-Toxic and Food Safe Epoxy Benefits

To create an epoxy that is food safe, the ratio of its ingredients requires precise measurement and the epoxy needs to be cured properly as the ingredients can contaminate your food. It is recommended for any food safe surfaces to be done by professionals. Also, food safe epoxy is a perfect surface material for any counters or bars as it has many benefits including: 

  • Durable and functional
  • Customizable, endless design possibilities, and seamless surface 
  • Scratch and heat-resistant but recommended to use coasters for hot pans or coffee cups. 
  • Chemical, liquid, and mold resistant
  • Food-safe, non-toxic, extremely easy to keep clean

Bar Top Epoxy Maintenance and Upkeep

Wipe Up Spills Immediately After

  • The most vital cleaning tip to remember in order to keep your surfaces pristine and stunning for many years to come
  • Use a damp cloth and if needed, a glass cleaner to remove streaks

Avoid any Abrasive Cleaning Materials

  • It’s not recommended to use scouring pads, steel wool, or harsh chemicals, such as comet, as they are too abrasive
  • Also, refrain from cleaning with citrus-based cleaners or vinegar 

Avoid Any Waxes or Polish on Your Surfaces

  • Instead use mineral oil and a clean cloth to buff it for a glossy surface
  • If you add too much mineral oil, it will start to cloud over instead so use a dry cloth to wipe off excess.

Professional Bar Top Epoxy Designs

Altogether, a food safe epoxy is perfect for your bar tops and other surfaces as it is durable while easy to clean and maintain its beautiful features. From bar tops to coffee tables, at Cunningham Coating Solutions, our epoxy experts are experienced in creating and installing stunning, quality surfaces for homeowners and businesses across the four state area. We have years of experience producing custom bar tops and other surfaces and are happy to take on any type of project. If you have any questions about your unique project, have a talk with our epoxy experts!

Bar top epoxy in new kitchen