Basement Floor Ideas: Customizable Epoxy Basement Floors

Posted on March 3, 2022 by Brent Phillips

Marble Epoxy Floor Close-up

Whether you use your basement for storage, shelter, or as an entertainment room; the type of flooring in your basement can actually cause structural issues or prevent them. There are several flooring options available, even if you already have concrete basement floors, but not all are fit for the conditions of a basement. This is why homeowners have used epoxy basement floors to repair, protect, and renovate their basement floors. Due to their customizable appearance, you can choose your colors and create a style to help the epoxy floor stand out boldly or blend perfectly with the rest of your interiors. There are even additional design features that can create a floor that is unique to you.

Marble Epoxy Floors

Many homeowners love the luxurious appearance of marble for their floors or countertops and epoxy is a way to achieve that appearance while being more cost-effective. Frequently mistaken as actual marble slabs, epoxy uses metallic coloration to imitate the markings of marble for a floor that is durable, seamless, and luxurious. The luster and depth from epoxy material can also be paired with a satin finish to mimic the essence of natural marble. You can choose natural coloration of marble or any color combination which, together with creative techniques for mixing the colors, forms a unique designer floor that can never be duplicated. Choosing to imitate marble with your epoxy basement floor enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal and will leave everyone who visits in awe and amazement.

Metallic Epoxy Floors

With metallic epoxy you can create one of a kind designer floors that produce a high-end appearance while protecting your investment for years to come. Compared to other flooring options for your basement, epoxy floors have many advantages such as

  • Incredible durability
  • Resistant to stains, water damage and mold growth
  • Also resistant to chemicals, spilled beverages, and abrasions
  • Easy to clean with minimal maintenance needed

The glitter-like properties of the metallic epoxy can be manipulated with brushes, rollers, solvents, and other creative, specialized techniques, which produces the swirls and twists within the epoxy. Metallic epoxy floors are available in a wide variety of vibrant colors that use different combinations of metallic additives and distinctive effects like

  • Same Color Effect: a base color with the same color as a metallic epoxy coat
  • Two-Tone Effect: a base color with a metallic color variation on top
  • Two-Color Effects: a pure metal base coat plus two different colored metallic shades on top

With a seamless, durable, customizable, and non-porous surface, metallic epoxy floors are the perfect choice for a stunning garage floor, basement, or even kitchen countertops. You can choose from vibrant or subtle metallic effects to match the design of the interior of your home or particular room.

Solid Color Epoxy Floors

Solid color epoxy is a perfect design choice for those who want to stencil design or geometric pattern into the floor. From checkered patterns to adding shapes like triangles, with solid color epoxy you can create complex geometric floor designs to achieve whatever you have in mind. If you want to use your favorite color or the team colors of your favorite sports team, solid color epoxy floors are customizable to suit your needs while ensuring the color remains consistent through the entire floor. Rather than using geometric floor tiles, epoxy is seamlessly bonded to your floor to provide better durability.

Epoxy Flake Floors

If you’re not into geometric patterns or a floor of solid colors then you should check out epoxy flake floors. The epoxy contains decorative color chips with a wide range of blends or colors to make your own blend of decorative chips, as well as a range of sizes to increase the variety in your floor. These flakes also affect the texture of the epoxy floor creating a non-slip type of floor while still remaining very easy to clean with minimal maintenance required. 

Waterproof Epoxy

Epoxy is non-porous which means it will not absorb spilled liquids or create stains. It is also resistant to bacteria and mold growth as well as damage from water accumulation. Epoxy basement floors bond with your existing concrete flooring which creates incredible durability that is meant to protect your investment from any moisture damage. Compared to other basement flooring like carpets or wood, epoxy floors are easy to maintain without needing frequent cleaning.

Your Local Experts in Epoxy Basement Floors

An epoxy floor coating is perfect for basements, utility rooms, and anywhere else you want to protect your concrete floors with a flooring material that is built to last. Regardless of which room you decide to upgrade to epoxy flooring, that room will transform into a bright, cleaner, and more colorful area. If you choose to not use epoxy, another way to protect your concrete floors is to add a concrete stain. At Cunningham, our professionals have served the four state area’s epoxy and concrete stain projects for many years. If you have any questions or want to schedule a consultation with our experts, reach out to us. We are happy to answer any questions and would love to hear from you!  

Marble Epoxy Floor Close-up