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Does your garage need a facelift? One of the best ways to update your garage is to apply an epoxy garage floor coating. Let’s look at what epoxy coating is and how your garage will benefit. What Is Epoxy Garage Floor Coating?Applying an epoxy coating is not the same thing as painting your garage floor. Epoxy […]

As summer continues in full swing, many people start thinking about home improvement projects. The days are long, and the yard is beautiful. Many of us invite houseguests over for game nights or barbecues. All this makes one think about doing some home renovations. And, although many people try to avoid summer remodels because they […]

Are you considering remodeling your kitchen? These days there are so many options for countertops that it can be bewildering. You may have heard of epoxy countertops but are wondering what they are. Cunningham Coating is here to help.What is Epoxy Resin?Epoxy resin is the result of mixing two co-reactants. The result of which is […]

Learn why people are choosing epoxy countertops for their kitchens.

Epoxy flooring is a tough, beautiful material with many uses. Many people are becoming interested in epoxy resin flooring, and it is growing in popularity among homeowners. Epoxy flooring may be an unfamiliar subject to you, but even if that’s the case, by the end of this blog you’ll have a good understanding of epoxy […]