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Residential Epoxy Installation Services Joplin, MO

Resin is a popular surface coating material in modern homes for good reasons. This affordable material creates surfaces that are durable, easy to clean, and stylish. Some common resin applications in and around homes are garage floors, mudrooms, pool decks, and patios.

Today’s homeowners have many options when it comes to flooring. No longer are you limited to hardwood, ceramic tile, and carpets. Resin floors by Cunningham Coating Solutions of Joplin, MO deliver long-lasting, elegant solutions that offer some amazing benefits. Have a grand foyer that you want to highlight? Consider a resin floor that mimics the polished look of marble without the hefty price tag.

Durable Long Lasting Epoxy Coating

The physical properties of the resin and our processing methods make these floors naturally resistant to scratches and wear due to heavy foot traffic. When the right epoxies are applied properly, they make your floors waterproof. Imagine the possibilities. Install resin floors that have the look of rich, polished hardwood without the special care of protecting them from spills and stains in your kitchen or bathroom. Resin floors also work well in basements that tend to attract excess moisture. Basement resin floors resist mold growth unlike carpets, and they won’t rot or warp like wood floors.

Epoxy Countertops & Decorative Epoxy

Installing resin countertops is one of the most stunning improvements that you can make during a kitchen remodel. By applying epoxies, you can get countertops, desktops, and table tops that look like quartz, granite, or other expensive natural stone materials at a more budget-friendly pricing. The seamless look of resin countertops and their numerous custom design options will make your concrete counters look like they belong in a high-end, gourmet kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens also benefit from our resin surfaces. Our expert flooring contractors can bring your preferred colors and design ideas to life with patio floors that are beautiful, durable, and slip-resistant.

Epoxy Floors with Logos and Designs

Metalic FloorsEpoxy Floors

Resin floors can be installed to meet a variety of functional requirements for industrial warehouses and manufacturing plants. In these settings, floors are constantly exposed to forklift traffic, chemical spray, and water spills. Resin floors have a protective coating that shields floors from damage due to these elements. This results in a more productive workplace. Many manufacturing plants have strict sanitation protocols that they need to follow to maintain their operations. Our resin floors help these facilities to keep their workspaces clean by reducing dust buildup. Safety is a high priority in industrial settings. Load spillage and equipment failure not only cost plants valuable production time, but they can result in injuries and deaths. By installing one of our resin flooring systems, you can eliminate the floor cracks that contribute to these mishaps. Our resin flooring systems also allow you to designate work areas by colors for easier operations.

Commercial Epoxy Installation Services Joplin, MO

Commercial flooring often has to multi-task. It has to be functional, attractive, easy to clean, and simple to maintain. Resin floors fit the bill for many commercial and industrial businesses. High-traffic commercial facilities such as school cafeterias and gymnasiums are the ideal backdrop for our resin floors. Whether you need a floor surface that has slip-resistant properties or one with a high-gloss shine that shows off a particular space, we can create the right flooring system to meet your requirements.

Smart businesses take every opportunity to showcase their brand identities. Installing one of our resin floors is a unique way to integrate your brand’s logo and colors into your retail showroom. With our epoxy installation services, you can be as creative as your imagination allows. Think metallic resin floors in colors that match your signage or a floor that embeds your distinctive logo.

Beautiful Concrete Finishes

The design options for residential resin floors are nearly endless. We have hundreds of color and texture options available. Often homeowners think epoxy flooring as only a garage flooring material but in recent years more and more homeowners have found that epoxy is a safe and attractive solution for entryways, mudrooms, laundry rooms, bathrooms and more. Because epoxy flooring is slip resistant and safer than tile and concrete commercial establishments prefer epoxy for its ease of maintenance, clean looks, and resistance to moisture and chemicals.

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