Is Stained Concrete Right for Me?

Posted on June 15, 2021 by Brent Phillips

Stained concrete is a popular option for many household, shop, and retail applications. But what can you expect from a stained concrete floor? And are all stained floors the same? Here we’ll take a look at the ins and outs of stained concrete floors and answer some frequent questions?

How is stained concrete made?

Stained concrete flooring starts out like any other concrete, with a plain wet mix. After it’s laid down and set up, a stain can be applied to its surface, much like a hardwood floor. There are kinds of stains with various benefits. Water-based stains are slightly less durable over time but are less fumy. This makes them ideal candidates for concrete staining in poorly ventilated spaces like basements. Acid-based stains are generally longer lasting but should only be applied in well-ventilated areas. 

Stains penetrate deep into the concrete, creating a beautiful, long-lasting color. Stains leave you with all the strengths and benefits of a concrete floor but with the beauty of other types of flooring. Advanced concrete staining jobs can even include fantastic geometric designs and patterns.

Do I need a newly installed concrete floor for staining?

Concrete stains can be applied to concrete floors of any age, whether new or old—however, the quality of the concrete surface affects the outcome of the staining job. So, before staining is performed on older concrete, any surface damage should be repaired. Concrete repair is easily done, but you should expect the project to take longer because the concrete fixer will take time to cure. 

Of course, a freshly poured concrete floor will look superb. So, if you’ve got a space that has never had concrete flooring, it’s well worth your time to consider stained concrete. At Cunningham Coating, our professional installation staff can handle every aspect of the project. We handle pouring fresh concrete, concrete repair, and staining. 

For a quote or consultation, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!  

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