What is concrete resurfacing?

Posted on April 27, 2021 by Craig Blotter

Concrete resurfacing is growing in popularity right now. If your home’s concrete is starting to crack and show signs of aging, concrete resurfacing might be right for you. You don’t have to settle for cracking and chipped concrete, and you won’t necessarily need to tear out and replace all of your concrete either. Read on to learn whether or not concrete resurfacing is right for you.

How does concrete resurfacing work?

When concrete gets old it often begins to chip away and break, particularly at the surface level. Underneath, the concrete is often undamaged. Concrete resurfacing works by cleaning the damaged concrete and removing all debris. Once this is done, a concrete resurfacing compound is applied. Tha concrete resurfacer adheres to the old concrete and creates a new layer, the appearance of which will be almost exactly like the original freshly cured concrete. One of the benefits of concrete resurfacing is that, if done right, the resurfacing layer is actually stronger than the original concrete.

It is essential that the cleaning of the old concrete be done thoroughly, as any remaining debris will compromise the concrete resurfacing compound. Although you can buy concrete resurfacer at your local home improvement store, we recommend letting a professional tackle the project unless you are experienced with this sort of repair work.

When is concrete resurfacing right for the job?

If you do not want to be forced to tear out your old concrete and pour new concrete, the good news is you may not need to. Concrete resurfacing cannot repair every kind of damage, but in many cases it is the perfect candidate for the job.

Concrete resurfacing is perfect for:

  • Superficial damage
  • Covering over old stains
  • Small cracks and pitting

It’s a good idea to talk to a concrete professional to know for sure if your concrete is a good candidate for resurfacing. At Cunningham Coating Solutions, we’re happy to analyze your concrete and recommend your best options.

Concrete Resurfacing from Cunningham Coating Solutions

Whether you need a concrete inspection or are ready to have your concrete resurfaced, Cunningham Coating Solutions is ready to help. Our teams are trained and experienced in quality concrete work. Over the years, we’ve done countless restorations and can confidently tackle your project. So, whatever your concrete needs, we’re here to help.

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