Why use epoxy flooring?

Posted on April 22, 2021 by Brent Phillips

Epoxy flooring is a tough, beautiful material with many uses. Many people are becoming interested in epoxy resin flooring, and it is growing in popularity among homeowners. Epoxy flooring may be an unfamiliar subject to you, but even if that’s the case, by the end of this blog you’ll have a good understanding of epoxy resin flooring

How does epoxy flooring work?

Epoxy resin is a chemical compound made from two parts. A polyepoxide and a curative are mixed together before placing on the surface to be floored. When the chemicals react to each other they bond together and to the surface they are applied to. The epoxy material they create is stronger than the individual parts were apart. 

Usually, the subflooring used underneath epoxy resin flooring is concrete. However, any material, including wood, prepared properly can be covered with epoxy. Preparation is key for the application of epoxy flooring. Any subflooring must be smoothed and cleaned thoroughly. This process is involved and requires special chemicals and equipment to do correctly. There can be no debris on the subfloor when the epoxy compound is added, or the epoxy will not bond effectively.

Applying the epoxy is a process requiring a skilled hand. It is not an everyday DIY (do it yourself) project. Generally, in order to see the strong, beautiful results you want, it will require a crew specifically trained in epoxy application to pull it off. This will result in an extremely strong, spill proof, and non-chipping floor.  

Epoxy Flooring for Garages

Because epoxy flooring is so strong and resistant to chipping, it is a very popular choice for garage or shop floors. Epoxy flooring will easily live up to the demands of parking vehicles on it. Any spills made during the course of use can be easily cleaned up leaving no permanent evidence of the spill. This would be different than say concrete, which would experience discoloration which would be nearly impossible to get rid of. Other storage spaces are also popular household areas to use epoxy flooring, such as closets and garden porches.

Epoxy Flooring for Living Spaces

In recent years, the popularity of epoxy flooring for living spaces has been increasing. Some of the most popular spaces to use epoxy flooring in homes include kitchens and bathrooms. One reason for this is that epoxy flooring is spill proof and very easy to clean. It simply will not retain residue in its surface. Other rooms, such as living rooms, home entries, and hallways, can make good candidates for epoxy flooring as well. The hard surface of the epoxy flooring will hold up to high levels of traffic.

One of the biggest reasons people are turning to epoxy flooring is its wide variety of styling and color options. There are literally hundreds of colors available to choose from. And not only are there many colors, but you can also combine them for a beautiful marbling effect.

Epoxy Flooring Installation from Cunningham Coating Solutions

If you’re interested in having an epoxy floor installed in your home, garage, or workspace, Cunningham Coating Solutions can make it happen for you. Our team is well trained in the intricacies of epoxy installation and highly experienced. We specialize in crafting high quality epoxy resin floors which please our clients every time.

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